New possibilities

Discover the all-new PCW4000


The all-new PCW4000, powered by Honda's 4-stroke GX50 360° inclinable engine, features a centrifugal clutch and the new
Quick release automatic anti roll-back device (DAR)
, making it the most efficient portable capstan winch on the market!




The Portable Winch Co. engineering team strikes again by designing this simple and ingenious device!

As soon as you pull the rope that goes through the ARM, the centrifugal clutch activates and the winch begins to pull. As soon as the rope is released, the drum stops rotating and the automatic mechanism does its job by holding the load in position! Disengage the rope in one simple movement! Nothing's easier.



This Honda's GX50 engine offers high output and light weight with excellent fuel efficiency. It's the first Honda four-stroke model in the two-horsepower class that is 360-degrees inclinable during operation and storage. Among its many features, smooth performance, proven reliability, easy starting, easy to use and maintain and emissions compliant!


Honda's 4-stroke GX50 360° inclinable engine
Gearbox Aluminium alloy gear box. Heat treated 3-stage helical and spur gears. Shafts mounted on ball bearings. Oil bath lubrication.
Gear Ratio
Rope grabbing system Quick release automatic anti roll-back mechanism (ARM).
Centrifugal. Activates with the ARM mechanism.
Anti-reversing roller clutch bearing.
Dimensions (overall)
42 cm x 30 cm x 28,5 cm (16,5" x 11,8" x 11,2")
Drum Ø 76 mm (3")
Recommended rope
Double braided polyester with low stretch from Portable Winch Co.
Length: Unlimited
Minimum Diameter: 10 mm (3/8'')
Maximum Diameter: 12 mm (1/2'')
Polyester sling 60 mm x 2 meters (2,4" x 78,75")
Warranty Private use: 5 years
Commercial use: 1 year
Engine: Honda International Warranty
Certification CE

Installation of the rope in the ARM mechanism

See how quick and easy it is to install the rope in the Quick release automatic anti roll-back mechanism.

Pulling a tree up a hill

See the winch pull a tree up a hill. The quick release automatic anti roll-back mechanism ensures that the load will stay in position even if the operator stops pulling.

Pulling a Side-by-Side stuck in dirt

Unfortunately, the winches installed on vehicles are located at the front, therefore, often inaccessible... Using a portable winch allows the vehicle to be exited by the same path as it entered, which makes the work a lot more simple and efficient.

Pulling a tree

See the winch use all its power to pull an entire tree. Using the pulley attached to the load doubles the pulling force!

Pulling a Side-by-Side up a hill

See how the quick release automatic anti roll-back mechanism is useful when pulling a load on a slope… In this case, it allows a vehicle to be hoisted up without the risk of suddenly going back down.

Directional felling

In potentially risky situations, the quick release automatic anti roll-back mechanism is very useful. Here, it makes it possible to apply tension on the tree to be felled and to hold it thus allowing the operator to proceed to the cutting of the tree. Then all he has to do is restart the engine to fell the tree. All in complete safety!


At Portable Winch, we know that, in order to take advantage of the full potential of your capstan winch, it must be used with the right accessories. That's why we have developed a complete range of accessories to take the most out of it. You will find pre-assembled kits built by our team of experts. Whether your need is for forestry, hunting, off road, work around the house or cottage, we have thought of everything!

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